RGPV CSE 5th Semester Notes

5th Semester Scheme [View PDF]
5th Semester Syllabus [View PDF]

Subjects -
  • CS - 501 (Data Communication)
    • Unit 1 (Data Communication and Data Compression) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Multiplexing, Spread Spectrum and Network Switching Techniques) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Physical Layer, Modem and Connecting Devices) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Transmission Media, Guided Media, Unguided Media and Telephone Network) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Transmission Errors and Error Detection & Correction Methods) [View PDF]
  • CS - 502 (Operating System)
    • Unit 1 (Introduction to System Programs and Operating Systems) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (File and Device Driver) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Process and Deadlock) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Memory Hierarchy, Page Table and Virtual Memory) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Distributed Operating System and Security & Threats Protection) [View PDF]
  • CS - 503 (Database Management System)
    • Unit 1 (DBMS Concepts and Architecture Introduction) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Relational Data models and Relational Query Languages) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Data Base Design and Query Optimization) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Transaction Processing Concepts and Concurrency Control Techniques) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Study of Relational Database Management Systems through Oracle/Postgres SQL/MySQL) [View PDF]
  • CS - 504 (Computer Graphics and Multimedia)
    • Unit 1 (Introduction to Raster Scan Displays, Line Drawing Algorithms, Circle Drawing Algorithms and Polygon Fill Algorithms) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (2-D Transformations and Windowing & Clipping) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (3-D Transformations, Parallel & Perspective Projection, Hidden Surface Elimination and Basic Illumination Model) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Multimedia, Text, Audio and Video) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Animation and Compression) [View PDF]
  • CS - 505 (Theory of Computation)
    • Unit 1 (Automata, Regular Sets and Regular Grammars) [View PDF]
    • Unit 2 (Context Free Grammars) [View PDF]
    • Unit 3 (Pushdown Automata and Context Free Languages) [View PDF]
    • Unit 4 (Turing Machines) [View PDF]
    • Unit 5 (Tractable and Untractable Problems) [View PDF]


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