Friday, 2 September 2016

Database Management System Unit 5 (Study of Relational Database Management Systems through Oracle/Postgres SQL/MySQL)

Study of Relational Database Management Systems through Oracle/Postgres SQL/MySQL: Architecture, physical files, memory structures, background process. Concept of table spaces, segments, extents and block. Dedicated server, multi threaded server. Distributed database, database links, and snapshot. Data dictionary, dynamic performance view. Security, role management, privilege management, profiles, invoker defined security model. SQL queries, Data extraction from single, multiple tables equi-join, non equi-join, self-join, outer join. Usage of like, any, all, exists, in Special operators. Hierarchical queries, inline queries, flashback queries. Introduction of ANSI SQL, anonymous block, nested anonymous block, branching and looping constructs in ANSI SQL. Cursor management: nested and parameterized cursors, Oracle exception handling mechanism. Stored procedures, in, out, in out type parameters,usage of parameters in procedures. User defined functions their limitations. Triggers, mutating errors, instead of triggers.

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