Saturday, 4 June 2016

Web Engineering Unit 2 (Information Architecture, Website Design, Web security and Requirements Engineering for Web Applications)

Information Architecture: Role, Collaboration and Communication, Organizing Information, Organizational Challenges, Organizing Web sites parameters and Intranets. Website Design: Development, Development phases, Design issues, Conceptual Design, High-Level Design, Indexing the Right Stuff, Grouping Content. Architectural Page Mockups, Design Sketches, Navigation Systems. Searching Systems, Good & bad web design, Process of Web Publishing. Web-site enhancement, submission of website to search engines. Web security: issues, security audit. Web effort estimation, Productivity Measurement, Quality usability and reliability. Requirements Engineering for Web Applications: Introduction, Fundamentals, Requirement Source, Type, ,Notations Tools. Principles Requirements Engineering Activities, Adapting RE Methods to Web Application.

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