Monday, 27 June 2016

Computer Networking Unit 5 (Transport Layer, UDP, TCP, Session Layer, Presentation Layer and Application Layer)

Transport Layer: Design Issues, UDP: Header Format, Per-Segment Checksum, Carrying Unicast/Multicast Real-Time Traffic, TCP: Connection Management, Reliability of Data Transfers, TCP Flow Control, TCP Congestion Control, TCP Header Format, TCP Timer Management. Session layer: Authentication, Authorisation, Session layer protocol (PAP, SCP, H.245). Presentation layer: Data conversion, Character code translation, Compresion, Encryption and Decryption, Presentation layer protocol (LPP, Telnet, X.25 packet Assembler/Disassembler). Application Layer: WWW and HTTP, FTP, SSH, Email (SMTP, MIME, IMAP), DNS, Network Management (SNMP).

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